Bacchus is a new traditional sized draft horse stallion.
He is an original sculpture by me, Emilia Kurila.

I have always admired the beauty of draft horses and for my first sculpture I wanted to create the horse of my dreams! Bacchus is a medium built draft horse of no specific breed. He is gentle giant with strong appearance, dance like prance and soulful expression. He could easily be portrayed as the charmer stud of the show ring, sturdy steed of the soldier or reliable work companion on the farm.

Bacchus is a smallish traditional (1:9) approximately 23cm high and 29cm long (9"x11.5"). He will fit in your curios with all the other traditionals! But the main reason for his size was that I wanted to keep the size manageable, from the painters point of view. Those huge draft horses are impressive, but can sometimes be a bit intimidating to paint as well.

This sculpture is detailed with wrinkles, folding skin, veins, hairy feet and ears, whisker bumps - you name it! The tail is short, but not docked. In addition, Bacchus is also tack friendly.

Copies of Bacchus are cast by Mountain View Studios in pure white urethane resin with wire reinforcements.
Bacchus is a limited edition of 2 molds and approximately 130 castings.

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The following pictures are of a resin casting in the condition it comes from the casting company, Mountain View Studios.


A cuple od size comparison photos.
One with a standard Traditional size model (Peter Stone ISH) and another with a huge Traditional draft horse (Breyer Wixom).

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